Friday, January 11, 2013

Toy Drive for Pine Ridge Thank Yous

Thank You to everyone who helped with this year's Lash LaRue Toy Drive events.
Lash has been posting some thank you notes this week he received from the children who received gifts this year from the Toy Drive for Pine Ridge.
You can

Lash posted this as his favorite:
"Thank you for the toys. On that afternoon we played with our presents in our classroom. Everyone, even myself, enjoyed what we got and liked our gifts very much. I would really like to say Thank you very much for the big teddy bear. It made me feel happy and I greatly appreciate it. He takes my nightmares and makes everything better. I named him Ted and he's so special to me. I would never ever let him out of my sight.
Sincerely, Emily
P.S. he's so cuddly"

you can also find photos from this year's toy delivery here

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