Friday, September 7, 2012

Larry Boehmer, 1947-2012

Lincoln's Zoo Bar founder, Larry Boehmer passed away on Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 5:55 a.m. Ending a year and a half struggle with lung cancer that had become debilitating in recent months. 
Larry is a longtime hero and someone I am happy to also call my friend. From emails we exchanged, I knew this day was coming, but it still....well, it still sucks.

My immediate and not too articulate musings on Larry appear in the piece of collected comments from friends and fans. 


Also, a very nice 30 minute documentary project by Dave Pittock produced in 2005 has made it to vimeo this's a cool piece that includes interviews with Larry, Magic Slim and others and performance footage with folks including the late Chris Gaffney (another much-loved and missed friend) and Luther Allison. The late Nick Holt appears in some shots, who was a real mentor to many of the current generation of Zoo musicians is also glimpsed in a few shots. Which all goes to say that Larry had one helluva welcoming committee and I suspect they commenced to jamming in Blues Heaven pretty quick.

Check it out at 

Another dear friend, John Jordan, who spent many nights gigging at the Zoo with Chris Duarte Group, has been posting his own remembrances of the Zoo Bar and Larry's significance as a friend and musician and music booker and club owner...
Check John's very heartfelt posts out here...boy, this brings back some memories, too.

Down in Austin this weekend they will be remembering Grand Island-born Brent Grulke, the long-time creative director of SxSW and one of the good guys on the music scene. Grulke passed away of a heart attack folllowing dental surger a few weeks ago. 
Grulkefest will raise money for Brent's surviving wife and son and for his son's education fund.
My friend Mike Thompson shared this preview clip from KUT for the event, which will include a True Believers reunion.

It seems like a good piece to share here, remembering Larry and all we have loved and lost...

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